Thursday, November 14, 2013

Blogging and WInning the War

I have been very busy lately, and have not been able to blog as I have two jobs while trying to get my career set, so blogging has had to take a backseat. I do want to start blogging again, and I want to set the course I wish to take. I, as well as most people, always attack specific people in positions of power such as the president, congress people, and other officials. I have realized that this is the most futile way to go about making real change. You see, the people in office are just puppets to special interests, and are rotated out every so often to be only replaced by some other schlep who represents some type of special interest. SO to attack president Obama or any other political figure is a form of bait that the powers that be need us to do. The better route is to win in the arena of ideas or peoples' minds and hearts. Only when a person is turned towards the ideas of freedom, liberty, and self government will a difference be made. If these ideas are spread, then they can become part of what is "mainstream" and thrust into the public arena of special interests. Take for example the gay community. For a long time their unique issues were dismissed as nothing to be worried about, but after gaining clout by bringing ideas to the table plus a dose of large funding, they obtained a voice in politics. The same can be done for any issue ranging from guns, drug legalization, and economic reform. If we as a people use our collective strength in promoting the ideas that need to be discussed, then we will prevail in winning more liberty and freedom for all.
-Kole Elyon Olam