Thursday, November 14, 2013

Blogging and WInning the War

I have been very busy lately, and have not been able to blog as I have two jobs while trying to get my career set, so blogging has had to take a backseat. I do want to start blogging again, and I want to set the course I wish to take. I, as well as most people, always attack specific people in positions of power such as the president, congress people, and other officials. I have realized that this is the most futile way to go about making real change. You see, the people in office are just puppets to special interests, and are rotated out every so often to be only replaced by some other schlep who represents some type of special interest. SO to attack president Obama or any other political figure is a form of bait that the powers that be need us to do. The better route is to win in the arena of ideas or peoples' minds and hearts. Only when a person is turned towards the ideas of freedom, liberty, and self government will a difference be made. If these ideas are spread, then they can become part of what is "mainstream" and thrust into the public arena of special interests. Take for example the gay community. For a long time their unique issues were dismissed as nothing to be worried about, but after gaining clout by bringing ideas to the table plus a dose of large funding, they obtained a voice in politics. The same can be done for any issue ranging from guns, drug legalization, and economic reform. If we as a people use our collective strength in promoting the ideas that need to be discussed, then we will prevail in winning more liberty and freedom for all.
-Kole Elyon Olam

Monday, October 28, 2013


The other night, I was watching a documentary about American Jihadists, and  I saw a comment which resonated with me. The person basically said that at least the jihadist in question was standing up for a principle, something to live for while the average American youth is preoccupied with McDonalds, drugs, and porn. The person does have a point in that our country does seem to bow to the altar of money. The unfettered corporatism that dominates the western world has become the opiate of the masses. The west has been bought off with Apple Products, Starbucks, and football. With the subtraction of God and other traditional values, there was a vacuum created in the world. Something had to fill the vacuum and the corporate world was quick to fill the void. I am not a bible thumper, but I do have to raise the question as to what are we living for? Are we simply living to accumulate this useless junk which is being pushed on us by endless amounts of advertising by the corporate world, or is there something more? I am trying to find the answers to this question myself, and so far I would say that a good place to start to find the answer is the relationships you have with people in life such as family, friends, and significant others. In these you can start to find a deeper meaning to life. In the west there is a bankruptcy of meaning, and as a civilization we need to find something soon or we will implode.
-Kole Elyon Olam

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Institution of Marriage

Now, what I am about to write maybe somewhat radical, or it may not, but I definitely believe it to be true. What I want to write about is the institution of marriage. For one, many people hold the institution of marriage up as a sacred sacrament or covenant instituted by God Himself, while others say it is utterly meaningless, while I hold somewhat of an opinion in between. Firstly, I don't think that marriage in and of itself is sacred. Let me explain. Marriage, the act of people coming together to recognize an existing relationship, is only a ritual and a contract. The ceremony is quite nice and created invaluable memories, but that is where it ends. Now, the contractual part of the marriage is simply an agreement between two people, or more is some places, to hold property, children, and other elements of a persons' livelihood in common. In the end, it is a legal agreement. The saying that marriage is only a piece of paper holds some truth, however; there is a place where that becomes false. To put in brief, the element of marriage, an existing relationship, is sacred. It is the relationship which leads to a marriage and exists afterwards which is sacred and needs to be kindled and kept alive burning brightly. It is in a relationship, a bond between two individuals, that we put faith, hope, love, trust, and our souls into. This is somewhat reminiscent of religious language, but I deem it proper to use in the context of a relationship, and thus there is definitely a degree of sanctity involved here. I have seen many "marriages" in my life which I would not have deemed them as such. In these there was always a troubled relationship between people. The "marriage" problems began before the act of being married was carried out. In our society there is a myth that once two people get married that they will happily ever after, but happily ever after begins before, way before the walk down the aisle. If people do not build a healthy relationship before marriage, then things will end up in disaster. I do not wish to attack marriage, but rather to make note of what really counts, that is the relationship between people that builds a marriage. In an ending word, we should stop talking about the sanctity of marriage and rather discuss the sanctity of relationships.
-Kole Elyon Olam

Friday, October 18, 2013

Sodom and Gomorrah

20 Then the Lord said, “The outcry against Sodom and Gomorrah is so great and their sin so grievous 21 that I will go down and see if what they have done is as bad as the outcry that has reached me. If not, I will know.”
-Genesis 18 20:21 

In this weeks Torah portion, God sends angels to the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah when he later destroys them for their sins. Now, most people think that these cities were destroyed for sins relating to sex, but the Talmud paints a different picture. In the Talmud, the main complaint God had against the cities were that they were heartless people who neglected the poor, making it punishable by death to help the poor, and treated travelers with complete disregard by charging them an outrageous toll to get into the city. In other words, God destroyed the cities because of the way they were merciless to people. To make this story relate to our situation today, I want to talk about the disregard for the needy we have and the type of degenerate sexuality that has come to fruit. First, America the richest country on earth has a great deal of people who lack the basic needs such as food, clothing, and shelter which is a sin to the Most High, and there is no excuse for the poverty we have in this country. Secondly, there is an alarming sexualization of our children. An example of this can be found right on television where one night I saw a group of preteen girls twerking on stage in tight skimpy outfits, just disgusting. This type of degeneracy has not been seen in the west since ancient Europeans were running around naked with blue powdered butts! This, and toddler "pageants", are nothing but blatant forms of pedantry. We need to change or otherwise we may face an unpleasant future. As a libertarian it is hard to admit, but there has been a sliding slope of degeneracy that has been going on for the past few decades, and we are only starting to see the effects.
-Kole Elyon Olam

Thursday, October 10, 2013

I Plead Gulity

What has happened to the notion of a man settling with one woman when he is young and being with her the rest of his life? I mean, where are the real guys out there who place a woman on a pedestal, respect her, and make her his forever. There was once a day that this type of thing happened, but now this is seen as something that is wrong and alien. Anyone who tries to say they want to settle down and have a family, at least anyone below 35, are mocked and bullied. People say that due to being such and such an age that you should just drink, do drugs, and sleep around with everything that has legs. It is such a completely ridiculous mentality that massive amounts of people have. I really do despise group think, because anyone who tries to live their life is put down by the group sharply. This is only the opinion of one man, but it is a man who has an observant eye and a sharp mind. What I have observed is that the type of mentality that my peers advocate leads to broken lives and homes. 20 years ago 'Pac said Brenda was throwing a baby in a trash can and told her to keep her head up, well, we still have Brenda throwing babies in the trash. All I can say is that they need to keep their head up and wait for these boys to step up into the shoes of a man. Maybe I am a romantic, but I plead guilty to the crime of loving one woman and wanting to be with her alone.
-Kole Elyon Olam

Monday, September 30, 2013

Impending Shutdown

I have taken a break from politics, but I have to throw my two cents on the circus of the government shutdown. First, the item up for contention, Obamacare, is a complete and utter disaster. It is 2,000 pages long, and has around the figure of 20,000 new regulations. Combine this monstrous amount of new regulations with a congress that half fasted the passing of it, and then you get architects of the bill saying that it was a huge mistake. No one really knows what this law will do. It is too late to try and go back to fix this, so we the people will either sink or swim when this law goes into effect. To go on to my next point, and that is the incredibly irresponsible behavior of the Republican Party, the party I voted for in the past couple of elections. They are using budget talks as a plank to try and sink Obamacare, which is impossible. This political meandering puts the jobs of countless numbers of people who work for the government on the line, and this is just as bad as when unions and private sector companies put jobs on the line. These government workers are just seen as a form of collateral damage, which is a viewpoint of the utmost evil. These people are hardworking 9-5'ers just like most of America, and they have bills to pay, so to cut and burn them like chaff is not right. Shame on these disgusting spineless creatures like John Boehner! Last, my prediction is that there will be a last minute resolution to fix this problem, however if there is not, then ALL INCUMBENTS need to be thrown out of office.
-Kole Elyon Olam

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Loving v. Virginia,Israel, and Love

The case of Loving v. Virginia is a case of the Supreme Court which allowed people of different races to be married. Two people, Mildred and Richard Loving, who were a married couple of a black woman and white man in Virginia at the time Jim Crow laws were still in standing went through a living hell to be together. After they got married, they had to hideout in various places to avoid being seen together, at times separating the family from each other. They both even spent time in jail, but all this was undone by a ruling by the Supreme Court which said this was illegal, so they were able to be married legally in the eyes of the law. Now, where does this go, and what importance does it have? Well, first I am with a black woman, and if we want to get married one day, this is possible because these two people braved it all. For this I must thank them. Secondly, I want to lambaste my people, the Jews, about the issue of intermarriage which is seen as a mortal sin amongst the Jewish people, it is even illegal in the state of Israel for a Jew to marry a non Jew! I just have to say as a Jew who is in love with a non-Jew, that the relationship between us and other Jew/non-Jews are completely kosher. In the Torah, Moshe Rabeinu, Moses, was married to a Midianite, a non Jew, and if it was ok for him then it is ok for other Jews to follow the utmost Holy example of the greatest of prophets. It is an atrocity to think that Jews are virtually excommunicated by the Synagogue for marrying someone who is not Jewish. This is something which is not something to fear but to embrace as long as the Jew can contribute some sort of Jewish legacy to their family. In all, love cannot be bottled nor contained, and it should be left to be free, left to flourish and grow.
-Kole Elyon Olam

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Inkless Rebel

Do not cut your bodies for the dead, and do not mark your skin with tattoos. I am the LORD.-Leviticus 19

Now, this commandment was originally a prohibition against getting a tattoo as a means of honoring the dead, which was a common pagan custom then and now. It also has been an interpreted as a prohibition against any marks on the body including piercings and tattoos. I believe that it can remain an open question which can be left up to the individual reader giving it a special meaning for each person. For me, I see it an act against an increasingly pagan culture of the west which has an obsession with tattoos. I have been pondering about getting a tattoo for years, and now I am leaning in not getting one, because it leaves me the last of a dying breed, a person who has not marked up their body, it makes me unique. I dare to be different in this day and age by not having tattoos, wearing a beard, and dressing modestly. This type of behavior is seen as weird in a time where everything that was once considered weird is now normal. The world has been turned upside down where we are in wonderland. As a Jew living in a very goyish, non-Jewish, place, I will try to uphold my heritage and be a rebel against the grain. Now, I think Hashem will forgive you if you have a tattoo, plus this commandment only applies to Jews, so non-Jews need not worry. In all, I believe that it is an act of bravery to be different, an act I am willing to undertake, but are you?
-Kole Elyon Olam

Monday, September 23, 2013

Mountain Jews

"Dibyayev is ready to take on attackers. 'I always carry a pistol and have seven more weapons at home,' he said. “When someone upsets a Jewish person, he goes with two guns.' "

I am getting to know the different Jewish communities of the world, and the mountain Jews who live in the remote regions of Russia are very interesting. There is a silent war between Islamic extremists and everyone else, including the Jews who live in this region. They have lived in the region for centuries literally having to fight for their very existence. Throughout the years there have been different enemies of the Jews of Dagestan including but not limited to native pagan tribes, Russian conquerors, and Islamic radicals. These Jews existence have literally been a constant state of warfare. These are not the pencil toting Jewish lawyers and bankers that people think of when you talk about Jews, they are warriors, and probably closer to what the original form of Judaism was in the days of the bible, just read the Book of Joshua to see what I am talking about. I find it easier to relate to these Jews than the average Jew I meet in the shul because my existence at times has been like their existence. I have lived in some areas where gun shots were a nightly sound, and death was always a constant threat waiting around the corner. I have talked to other Jews and have been hard identifying with them because they have lived the country club life, and I have no idea what that is like. Plus, these country club Jews have no idea what it is like to go without food, to fight for your life, and to evade murderous gangs. These Jews in the mountains of Dagestan do know what that is like, and more. May Hashem deliver them from their enemies and bring them home with all Jews to the Holy Land.
-Kole Elyon Olam

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Yom Kippur and Forgetting the Past

The Jewish High Holy Day of Yom Kippur, The Day of Atonement, has just passed this weekend, and though unable to participate in the fullness of festivities with the rest of b'nai yisrael, the Jewish people, I did commemorate the day in my own unique way. To explain, I need to give some background information. In the old days when there still was a temple in Jerusalem there was a ritual that high priest, Cohen Gadol, would perform. In the ritual the priest would take two goats and offer them up to God. One goat would be tied with the twelve tribes of Israel inscribed on a parchment to represent the evil that all of Israel had committed for the year, and then the goat was set loose into the desert forever with the sins of Israel to be forgotten. The other goat was then taken to the Holy of Holies, ritually slaughtered, and offered with incense to Hashem, God, to atone for the sins of Israel, thus giving them a clean slate. To put this into a modern perspective, I am taking my "two goats" and offering them to God as a sacrifice. On one goat, I am attaching all the wrong I have done prior until this Holy Day, and then I am forgetting it knowing God is merciful. Next, I am offering my life as the other goat as atonement for the wrongs that God will forgive me for. I am offering my existence as a sacrifice, only trying to do what is right. From everything in work, to my relationships, to family life I will try to do what is called for me in Torah, the bible. If I do this and do not live in the past wrongs committed by me and others, then I will truly find an abundant life. For the next year I vow in front of the Holy One to try my hardest to abide by Torah, and live a healthy life in all aspects. I pray this comes true for my family, loved ones, and all who can be empowered by these words.
-Kol Elyon Olam

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Real Leader

"Syria is not witnessing a battle for democracy, but an armed conflict between government and opposition in a multireligious country. There are few champions of democracy in Syria. But there are more than enough Qaeda fighters and extremists of all stripes battling the government..."

Vladimir Putin is a true leader, a leader to be proud of. In an excellent address given to the United States, he cites history and reason in addressing the potential armed conflict in Syria. He says that by backing the rebels we would be backing terrorists, we would be acting as Al Qeada's military. We would be furthering the cause of the people who attacked us on this day 12 years ago. Putin further elaborates on how there is no real proof of the chemical attacks being done by the Syrian government. He also brings up the fact that by launching a strike, the United States would be going against international law, thus acting as a brute force, and not as a model for democracy. Giving examples of the occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq, Putin states that we cannot afford another war. In all, this might be the best argument against going to war with Syria given yet. Hopefully the government harkens these words.
-Kol Elyon Olam

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

It Sucks to Be A Genius

I have to rave and rant about how frustrating it is to be smarter than the average person who is walking around this planet like a mindless zombie, a zombie who has no awareness of anything greater than Miley Cyrus twerking videos. From elementary school up through the "real world", which I believe is a myth but that is another rant, the smart among humanity is bullied, pestered, and ridiculed. The quiet kid who lets people copy his answers in the corner in the class is the future Bill Gates or Plato, but the nominally active brains that are walking around do not know this, nor can they even comprehend it. Instead of propping up the next Einstein, we prop up these false machismo types who pump themselves up on steroids, whether in the form of direct injection or through "nutrition supplements", then walk around with their chest puffed out screaming OOOOGA BOGGA BOOG like they haven't evolved past the days when we were walking around butt naked in caves, and I believe this describes a majority of people. It is just completely sad we have been given the gift of brains by God, but yet we choose to stay backwards in the days of apes. It just gets frustrating when you can see things that people can't see as if they are blind. Maybe this is the way Hashem has made it for a reason, I don't know, but it does not make it any less frustrating to be a giant among lilliputians.
-Kol Elyon Olam

Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Next Step in Evolution

I am going to make a prediction which is probably wrong, but it is an interesting point to make. Given a few factors such an increase in positive social attitudes towards older women, advanced fertility treatments, the reluctance of younger women to have kids, and the attitude younger women posses; I think the demographic of women who get married and have kids will get much older. I know that biologically younger women are more fertile, and thus more suitable for having kids, however; there seems to be a shift in the evolutionary paradigm in regards to who is more suitable to have children with. First, there is a change in how older women are viewed in society, and this is most evident with the "milf culture" and the acceptance of younger men dating older women. Secondly, medical science has given us treatments which increase the age a woman can have kids exponentially, truly a remarkable feat. Next, comes something which is somewhat more of a controversial statement, but I will make it. Young girls are so full of nonsense. It seems that the millennial generation is plagued by a narcism which makes the most egotistical person blush. Young girls often say things like they hate kids because they will be an "inconvenience" to their lifestyles in some way shape or form so they will either prolong their childbearing, giving credence to my theory, or will forgo it all together.  This type of thinking plus the rampant narcism which goes along with it is a huge turn off to guys, and will drive men to seek other partners. Now, I might be stating an obvious fact, or maybe I am just venting about my own frustrations, but I believe it is important to talk about this observation. Only time will tell if my prediction comes true.
-Kol Elyon Olam

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

American Hessians

It is now apparent we are in line for another Iraq. The war party is getting its way, and that is going to intervene in another foreign conflict. It is good that Obama went to congress, because that is the constitutional way, however; he probably knew that he had the cards stacked in his favor all along. There is no opposition against this waste of time and money except for a few brave with convictions like Dennis Kucinich, a man I would never thought I would align myself with. It is sad that we are going to be yet in another entanglement that we have no business in, and the government, or the shadow of it, is going on with this against the will of the American citizenry. We have no representation in Washington, they only represent the interests of CPAIC. I have heard an interesting theory that it is Israel are the ones pushing us to go to war, and that is because they were the first ones to "break the story". We will have to sit back and see what happens in this saga, but the outcome is not likely good.
-Kol Elyon

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Why Miley Cyrus Is Important

"It's a damn shame that Miley is doing this to herself, making a vulgar joke out of her talents and her beauty..."

I was never a fan of Miley Cyrus, Hannah Montanna, or an pop garbage, but many people are, including young girls and young boys. These fans look at Miley Cyrus as some sort of a symbol or idol, this is only human nature. It is imperative for us as a society to examine what is going on, discuss it, and do something about it. Now, what is happening is Miley Cyrus is coming into her own and she has expanded herself to be much more sexual and mature, leaving the Disney image behind. With this transformation comes a great deal of consequences which will ripple across the continuum of society. For girls, it shows them that it is good to be a sexual object, to totally dehumanize themselves. For boys, it shows them that girls are only sexual objects to be treated as such. This type of degradation of women is very disgusting, and turns back the clock, way back to the days before Europe was civilized and the Welsh were running around naked with blue powdered butts.We as a society are descending back into tribal paganism in the absence of the influence from churches. As an honest observer of history, Europe was not truly civilized until it became Christendom.  It was not until Christian ideals were imparted to barbaric tribes that women were treated as people to be idealized and cherished. We are going back to our tribal nature in the absence of Christian ideals, and I admit that as a Jew. The transformation of Miley Cyrus is only a snapshot of western society as a whole. If we do no want to go back to the days of naked barbarians treating women as trophies, then we will have to go back to the idea which shaped the western world, Christianity.
-Kole Elyon

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The War Machine Is Oiled and Ready to Go!

"The White House offered legal justification, with spokesman Jay Carney telling reporters the large-scale use of chemical weapons in Syria presented a national security threat to the United States that required a response."

It was about time the military industrial complex needed a new war. I have felt for a long time now we were probably going to be getting into Syria. I do not know how the corporate elite benefit from a military confrontation with Syria, but that will come to surface as time goes on. The bottom line is that we have absolutely no business in interfering in another country's civil war. It is their problem, not ours. We are not supposed to be the police of the world, period. There is absolutely no security risk from Syria, a backwards third world cesspool, to the United States, none whatsoever. The only reason why we might go into this is because our government has Muslim extremist sympathies. We trained Osama int he 80's and armed him, we armed and backed Libyan Muslim rebels, we backed the overthrow of Mubarack by Muslim fanatics, and now this is the latest adventure we will foray into with extremism. I have talked to many people from the Middle East and they say Assad and people like him are needed to keep the people in line, so the use of chemicals isn't as evil as it may seem. I just hope we do not have another Iraq, but if history is any indicator, we will be occupying Syria for a long long time.
-Kole Elyon

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Animals Are More Human Than Humans

I was on a desert hike today, and when I walked through a patch of land there was a flurry of an electric sounding buzzes coming from the brush. I thought it may have been bees at first, but it was some type of beetle that was sending an alert to the other beetles about my presence. I was astonished at how the beetles communicated with each other about my intrusion into their habitat. Human beings would not only probably fail to say something, but would watch and wait to see what would happen to someone else if an intruder had appeared. Animals are much more humane to members of their own species than we humans. In a wolf pack there is no such thing as unemployment as each member of the pack has a job, even the old toothless wolves serve as watchmen for the pack. In human society we toss people deemed undesriable to the side and blame them for their life problems. We are the only species that spends so much time, energy, and resources on finding ways to systematically kill members of our own species off. When lion prides and wolf packs have encounters there may be fights, but the animals do no sit around spending countless hours figuring out how to wipe every other pack out of existence. There are breeds of birds and fish that stay with the same mate for life, even forsaking breeding if they become widowed!(Talk about dedication) Bottom line, we upright walking homo sapiens have a long way to go in treating fellow people better, and we can learn a thing or two from a thicket of beetles.
-Kole Elyon

Friday, August 23, 2013

No Style No Substance

I can't but help at my generation and think we have no substance. I mean it seems everyone needs some type of gimmick to stick out whether it be tattoos, piercings, or some type of crazy fashion piece. Take for example Nicki Minaj, she is just a walking gimmick who contributes little to nothing besides that. In other words, without the wigs, fake breasts, and fake ass she would be a nobody. If you take that in contrast with someone like Alicia Keys who is a total class act, then the difference becomes clear. Alicia can just use her pure talent and substance to radiate sexiness and style while holding a crowd. The same can be seen in something like Jay-Z vs. Lil Wayne. Jay-Z has been wearing Polo's in his videos since his early days, while Wayne has the tats, crazy voice, and stupid fashion choices. Jay-Z is all substance while Wayne is all gimmicky crap. Even the people you see walking around on the street fall into these type of contrasts. The person with the outrageous fashion and tattoos all over the place have little in terms of substance, there are exceptions of course but the norm is definitely what I have been talking about. I'll take a button down shirt with a part in my hair at a party and still hold the attention of everyone, so I do not need all the gimmicky crap that other people use to draw attention to themselves. I just wish my generation had a better sense of style like the gangsters of the  20th century had. The Capones and Siegels were true symbols of style. Marylin Monroe was an icon who could still hold her own today, while we have all these nobodies who will be forgotten in 15 minutes.
-Kole Elyon

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ahead of the Evolutionary Curve

"...more intelligent children grow up to be more nocturnal as adults than less intelligent children."

Screw the early bird catching the worm, the night owl crushes the bird. I have found what I have been suspecting for a long time, that is, nocturnal people or people with insomnia are not weird or freaks, they are simply more advanced then the average human. I am a night owl myself, and find myself to be at with most people, and that is because I am simply ahead of them, figuratively and literally. The scientific literature has shown that night owls are not only smarter then people who are "normal" and are up during the day, but are very so much smarter, IQ's for people who are night owls are exponentially higher then people who are not. So, if you are a night owl like me and recieve some sort of ridicule from friends, family, or co-workers, just try to understand them. I mean, understand they are still playing catchup to the evolutionary curve, and this is literally most of the human species. Remember, you are not abnormal, just advanced.
-Kole Elyon

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Illegal to Survive

In this country it is illegal to survive and live self sufficiently. Think for a minute and realize that the matrix known as "society" ties you in without a choice. If you grow and distribute food without a "permit" then the FDA will crack down harder on you then a bull whip in the name of "sanitation", but the food they gives us is genetically engineered garbage. If you try to light a fire to produce heat or cook, the fire marshal is down on you. If you want to buy or sell without letting the government get its "piece", then you are arrested by the IRS. If a person tries to power their house without the use of utilities owned by the corporate-government complex, then they are arrested. Own a few guns, and the government deems you "armed and dangerous".Refuse to work with the crooks in the bank, and you are deemed not credible which prevents you access to vehicles, housing, and even a job!
We live in a country with ID cards, fingerprint registries, and now they want our DNA! With a government that regulates people to death and punishes people who dare to step away, we have a prison as a country. We are taught from an early age to just "be part of the group". It is sickening! If I had my way, I would be completely out of the grid with no social security number, no ID, no way of being tracked. My dream is to be able to grow my own food, power my house using sunlight and other renewable energy sources, and to be left alone, not alone completely by I want to be left alone to work for my living doing something I do not need a corporate puppet master backing me and be able to raise my family without the interference of the do gooders of this country. in all, it is up to each individual to unplug themselves from the matrix, and the more that do it the more the leviathan will slowly start to die.
-Kole Elyon

Monday, August 19, 2013

Divine Dieting

Daniel 1:11-16

11 Daniel then said to the guard whom the chief official had appointed over Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah, 12 “Please test your servants for ten days: Give us nothing but vegetables to eat and water to drink. 13 Then compare our appearance with that of the young men who eat the royal food, and treat your servants in accordance with what you see.” 14 So he agreed to this and tested them for ten days.
15 At the end of the ten days they looked healthier and better nourished than any of the young men who ate the royal food. 16 So the guard took away their choice food and the wine they were to drink and gave them vegetables instead.

I was reading the Book of Daniel last night in the Torah, the Jewish bible, and I saw a very interesting piece of advice which came to me, perhaps God is trying to help me stick to eating healthier. In the story here, the Jewish wise man Daniel who is exiled in Babylon was told to eat the king's food, the Budweiser and Big Macs of his day. Daniel did not want to eat this food, so he abstained from it, probably because it was not Kosher. Then a guard questions Daniel as to why he is looking washed up, and Daniel tells him that he does not want the kings food. Next, Daniel tells the guard to give him vegetables and water instead of the fatty meat/wine that the others ate, so after a period of ten days Daniel looks even healthier then the people who had been engorging on the king's food all along. This is another example of how moderation, self control, and good choices benefit people. The vegetables/water were much better than the meat/wine then and are now. So, I'm going to cut back on my meat, soda, and alcohol to see what benefits come from it. The bible has always proven to be a book of wisdom which has helped me my entire life, and I doubt it will let me down now.
-Kole Elyon

Sunday, August 18, 2013

French Cajun
Under the list of Cajun Surnames is my last name Poirier. I knew my maternal grandmother's surname LaMothe was Cajun but my own surname is Cajun. I did not I have so much French-Cajun blood in me. It is very enlightening to learn about your heritage and your roots. The Cajuns are a very interesting group of people who the famous style of spicy food is named after. They started out as a colony in New France called Acadia where they were expelled from when the English came and conquered. The Acadian people, Cajuns, were forced to migrate down the eastern sea board where many people settled until the most famous group settled in Louisiana. The pocket of Cajuns which I am descended from settled in Rhode Island, which is not far from the original Acadian colony. I am very interested in learning more about my Cajun heritage. I have a friend who first invigorated my interest in the Cajun people after he went to a trip to Louisiana, but little did I know I had a great deal of Cajun blood in my veins.  It will be interesting to learn more over time.
-Kole Elyon

Friday, August 16, 2013

Science and Evolution

There was a man who took DNA from a yeast in amber, fossilized tree sap, and he managed to make genetic replicas of it. Now, this seems to be a big achievement, however; it was found out that the yeast was pretty much the same as yeast today, in other words, it hardly evolved if at all. Some may see this as a mundane observation of a tiny experiment, and it is only one experiment by one man, but this may have far larger implications than what meets the eye. See, the theory of evolution predicts that over a large period of time that organisms change with adaptations to the environment, mutations, and spread of those genetic changes by breeding, and this experiment turns this theory upside down on its head. I am not going to argue until my face turns blue about the theory of evolution or creationism, as my personal beliefs are no contingent upon the theory of evolution, but I think we need to consistently examine what we believe to be true. I do not deny that changes DO OCCUR, rather, I do not know if the changes in genes have macro cosmic effects like evolution postulates. If the DNA from the yeast that is millions of years old has not changed significantly, then it might be time to look at evolution again, and if it cannot hold up to scrutiny we need something new. I do not believe that anyone will look at the theory because it has become an opiate for many, a religion for the godless.

-Kole Elyon

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Comedy, Not News

"It was a sad day in the clown world when a "clown" at the Missouri State Fair put on a mask in the likeness of President Barack Obama and wore a broomstick attached to his behind to perform in a rodeo in America's Heartland..."

It is a sad day, a sad day when comedy is being censured in the name of "political correctness" and not being offensive, sad indeed. This is why I no longer watch the ComedyNewsNetwork or any of its mainstream yodels, the act is getting old really quickly. The way the media panders to this administration is just disgusting, and revolting to the highest form, especially when we are supposed to live in a free country. Everyone from Anderson Blooper, to Wolfie Blitzer, and Tears Morgan, the shtick is just just ridiculous, and the shtick is defend and abate the president at every turn, there is no good criticism save Jay Leno, but his career is winding down so he can afford to deviate from the norm. I just can't stand watching this round of clowns go and defend what ever this guy does while trying to drive home the bleeding heart liberal agenda, like Tears Morgan's "Guns in America" specials. MoreSnottyNonsenseByClowns is even worse with Rachel Madcow, Ed Shucks, and Lawrence O'Bother. They are nothing but a propaganda piece for the Democrats, pure and simple. Now Fox News is also a mouthpiece for the Republican party, and that is only another evil. Bill O'Slimey, Sean Insanity, and co. will just do what ever their Republican handlers tell them too, even if it is detrimental to the country, which it usually is. The mainstream media itself is a joke, and more comedians need to que in on that, that would be a good act.
-Kole Elyon

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bible Code:Jesus Was Married

"Take the Gospel of John. Chapter 2 tells a story about Jesus turning water into wine at a wedding in the village of Cana. It is the first miraculous “sign” he performs. Though the text states that Jesus and his mother are guests at the wedding, they instead behave like the bridegroom and the bridegroom’s mother."

As a Jew, I do no have the vested interest in preserving the traditional image of Jesus that Christians do, but as an inhabitant of the western world, I have a responsibility to understand the most prolific figure in the history of Europe/America. There is one blunt fact, and that is Jesus was a Jewish Rabbi, one who probably took the commandment to go forth and multiply seriously. Now, there was a sect of Judaism at the time of Jesus called the Essenes which had strict rules for sex, including celibacy for some groups, that had a great deal of things in common with Christianity, so Jesus may have been a celibate Essene Jew, but that is for another discussion. The article cited above goes into some interesting commentary on the gospels saying that the wedding feast at Cana was indeed Jesus's own wedding, and that this is proven by a decoding of certain symbols. There are also traditions in Christianity that say Jesus was married and had children, but they lost out to the "Orthodox" Christian church. There are many reasons why Christianity would want to hush hush a Jesus marriage. First, to control sex is to control human beings very effectively, cults do it all the time. Telling someone who they can have sex with, when they can have, and why keeps people in a rigidly narrow box, which makes them more malleable. Secondly, there is a putting down of sex in some philosophies which had a great deal of influence on the formation of Christian theology, mostly various forms of Platonism. Lastly, there is the scandals of many church officials in the Western world in Popes, bishops, and priests would form dynastic lines to pass on money and property.. The church deemed this inappropriate and made celibacy a mandatory oath. In all, controlling sex is a way controlling people, controlling them very effectively.
*Eastern Christian priests are allowed to be married, so are Protestant ministers
*Eastern Christianity has a more favorable view of sex, but alebit is still somewhat anachronistic
*Another reason for a coverup of a Jesus family would be for the protection of his wife and kids. If people had known of a Jesus family, then they would have been in dnager given the status of Jesus. We have seen what happens with dynastic struggles in the split of Shia/Sunni Islam with the descendats of Muhammed being exterminated, and the struggle of Jacob and Esau in the Torah highlight the danger of religious leader's families being known. The Apostles would have known something like this, and would seek to avoid it.
-Kole Elyon

Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Soul Beyond the Body

The truth is quite clear an unequivocal, and that is there is a soul beyond body. I have been investigating paranormal phenomena for the greater part of the past decade, and I have seen things which defy then laws of physics as we know them. For instance, when I was in a "ghost hunt" in a cemetery in a Nevada ghost town, I was attacked by an unseen force. Some type of a strong grip pulled itself around my throat, causing me to get light headed and dizzy. This all happened near a grave which purportedly has a great deal of activity, I surely experienced something. I have also seen objects move by themselves, such as door knobs being rattled on their own by an unseen force. My friends and I have captured hours upon hours of video, audio, and images of things which are simply from another world. I am sitting here thinking about the larger ramifications of life, and realize that there is more than the eye can see. I do not know the full extent of what is beyond this life, only various mystics have seen the other side. In life, I have not been very spiritual lately, focusing only on the here and now, forgetting what I have experienced. It is time for me to focus on just more than the material objects which are in front of me, and it is time to see the soul beyond the body.
-Kole Elyon

Culture, Legacy, and Death of Diversity

You know, I went on thinking, and I was wondering what kind of legacy has my generation, the millenials, been left with, and the answer is not very promising. I mean culturally, we have Big Macs, television, I-Pods, and Lil Wayne, not very great things to be proud of. There is no sense of diversity or uniqueness any longer. In this country, we used to have Irish pride, Italian pride, Polish pride etc. Now, all these groups have been lumped along with many other groups into a homogeneous mess, there is no difference between the Irishmen and Italian. At least the Hispanics, gays, and black nationalists have a sense of unique identity. I know that some people may see these groups as extreme and in your face, but I admire that they stand for something, they simply don't want to blend in with everyone else. I struggle myself with finding something to identify with, partially because I have no legacy and partially my rugged individualism, and want to belong to something bigger than myself, something to stand up and be proud to represent. I cannot and will not stand up to represent this hollow corporate shell which is called American culture. They can keep their tattoos, Apple products, and cheap genetically engineered food. I sometimes think I live in a lost generation, and sadly everyday I am proven more and more right. It is time for my peers to wake up and reclaim something of a soul before it is too late, however; we maybe past the point of no return. Perhaps this time we live in which is marked by perhaps the greatest amount of mass conformity, it is no coincidence that culture is dead. In a word, we have sold our soul and might no be able to get it back.
-Kole Elyon

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Oncoming Novel

I am currently working on a fiction novel, a vampire/gothic/horror piece, which will blow anything out of the water that is released already. It will be somewhat of a reclaimation of the horror genre which has gone to the absolute pits with works like Twilight and its copycats. The story follows the story of a young boy named Nick Crow, who goes through hell and back. It will be an exciting book. Stay tuned.
-Kole Elyon

NCAA Tyranny

" While the NCAA investigates a report that Johnny Manziel accepted a "five-figure flat fee" with an autograph broker for signing memorabilia, ESPN reported another broker paid Manziel cash for signing approximately 300 mini and regular-sized helmets on Jan. 11."

I am sick and tired of the NCAA and its archaic rules which penalizes players for being business savvy. The latest fiasco with Johnny Manziel is totally ridiculous. They NCAA is "investigating" him for what, but selling autographs. This is beyond preposterous, and this nonsense needs to stop. If a player wants to sell autographs, memorabilia, or anything else affiliated with them, all power to them. I don't know why the NCAA would want to have such a heavy hand with these type of things, perhaps it is just the sick human ambition for power. If you recall, a couple of years ago there was a similar "scandal" from Ohio State where the star quarterback, Terrelle Pryor, sold some jerseys for money to get tattoos. He was later ostracized, suspended, and the head coach was fired because of it. This type of over authoritarian behavior demonstrated by the NCAA is anachronistic to the utmost extreme. Seriously, it is time we let these students make money off of their hard work. The NCAA needs to be disbanded or needs some type of reform, period. It is time the NCAA changes or goes!
-Kole Elyon

Monday, August 5, 2013

Let's Talk Sex and Love

Top Myths(or Truths) of Cheating

As a man, I will try to tackle these myths, that is, I will try to dispell or validate them. Let's play some Mythbusters witht eh Top Ten Myths of Cheating according to ASKMEN. This can be fun, and hopefully be a little informative. Enjoy!
No.10 Once An Affair Is Out In The Open, A Couple Can Never Be Happy Again

The website says that this is false, but I say it is more true than false, I mean, the relationship might not break over an affair, but it definitely will not be the same. The relationship will go down a very negative path, and this creates a great deal of unhappiness. I'm sorry, once an affair is found out about, the relationship can never be the same and fully recover.No.9 Most People Who Have Affairs Are Unhappy In Their Marriage/Relationship

I think that this one is false, but definitely true. One does not need to be unhappy to face the temptations of being human. A person could be in a relationship, perfectly happy, and just be greedy for more. There is a saying that goes, "Women love too much, and men love too many": and this would ring true to dispel this myth.

No.8 Infidelity Is Never About Sex; It's About Other Marital Issues

Patently false! A person could cheat in a relationship simply for sexual issues, period. A man or woman could be perfectly happy in a relationship, but still cheat. It comes back to the simple notion that humans have a tendency to think more=better, and this includes sex. People cheat for money, emotional needs, and sex, which is probably the number one reason.

No.7 You Can't Call It Cheating If Sex Wasn't Involved

Again, this is definitely false. If a person goes to hug. and cuddle with someone else who is not their significant other, it is cheating. If a person stays on the phone all night with a person talking to them as if they were a significant other, it is cheating. To share yourself with a person who is not your partner in a way that you would usually reserve for your partner, then you are cheating on some level. I mean, if you can tell someone something secret,then you should be able to tell your significant other. Again if you share yourself emotionally or physically with someone other than your partner then you are cheating them and yourself!

No.6 Affairs Are All About Sexual Attraction

This statement is the converse of number 8. It is also false as was number 8. There are things in a relationship which are beyond sex, and sometimes those needs are not met. If a person has great sex with someone, but that person does not communicate with them or what not, then they may go to someone else for that need, thus creating a situation where more could develop. 

No.5 Affairs Happen Because Of Problems In The Marriage

What marriage, or relationship, does not have an issue or two? So, the idea that relationships fall apart because of problems alone is absurd! For instance, some people may have financial problems, but still are able to make the relationship work without cheating, or another couple may have communication problems without cheating. I believe that it is a conglomeration of problems which become deeply seeded into the relationship which cause them to fall apart. It takes a lot to break a bond,unless that bond was weak in the first place.

No.4 Once A Cheater, Always A Cheater

Mostly true. Yes, there are examples of people who cheat once and do not do it again, but the vast majority do. I have seen time and time again where people cheat, say they won't do it again, and go back to cheating. I am not saying it is impossible to repent and be faithful, I am just saying that it takes an extraordinary person with great character, which happens not to be most people.

No.3 After An Affair, Kiss Your Marriage Goodbye

Again, like number 1, mostly true. If you cheat on your spouse, then your marriage will not be the same, and most likely it will disintegrate. I've seen relationship after relationship fall apart due to cheating, and that is the case on the grand scale as well. The empirical evidence backs my claim.

No.2 Affairs Happen With People Much Younger Or More Attractive

Half truth. As I said earlier, sex is probably the number one reason why people cheat on someone, so it makes sense to think that a person would try to cheat with someone they feel is more attractive then their partner, but this is not always the case. Everyone has seen people who go and cheat with someone who is far less attractive then their partner. You end up thinking to yourself that this person would be crazy to cheat on a beautiful person like the one they had.Bottom line, people are crazy, and cheat for crazy reasons beyond sex.

No.1 Affairs Happen Because Guys Are On The Prowl For A Little On The Side

Mostly true. Men are sexual creatures, and they by instinct are tempted to spread their genes to as many places as possible, just check a BIO 101 textbook. Guys will often get greedy and not be satisfied with having just one partner, the one's who are tend to be men with phenomenal character. I say a lot of cheating is just because men want to give into temptation.

-Kole Elyon

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Thunder,Lightning, and Rainbows

I am going to open up on a more positive note today, and that is quite unusual for me, being that I am one of the biggest cynics around. I want to sit and reflect on a positive thing to be thankful for, it does get quite exhausting to be harping on about the negativity in this world.

First off, love does exist, period. It is not a fairy tale. If love is not real, then what I have is better, it is something more than what can be conceptualized and articulated by human language, meaning the word love itself is not adequate for what I posses in life. I know all of this surely. I cannot fully understand what has happened nor why, but it has. For the longest time I did not believe that love existed, nor did I ever believe in the words "soul mate" or that someone could be "made for you". I was a pure skeptic about "true love", I always hoped it was true, but now I have converted to thinking it is true. The chances that two people from very different backgrounds who have so much alike can simply fall into each other's lap would be a coincidence that would have odds smaller than an internal combustion engine spontaneously freezing upon start up or someone winning the lottery ten times in a row, it is that unlikely. Why I am here in this moment of my life in a relationship with the person I am with is beyond me, only Hashem knows, however; I am embracing the moment and going with it 110%.

Secondly, what does the average person reading this blog have to learn from the emotional gushing I am doing now, what is in it for you? Well, I have some quick advice for everyone out there. If you have a good person in your life, a person who loves you for who you are and will be with you through hell and back, then DO NOT let that person go. To paraphrase a quote I heard somewhere, a good woman,or man, comes around only once perhaps every ten years, and a great one only comes around once in a lifetime. The person I have now IS that GREAT ONE, I will not let go , and if you have someone like that, then do not let go either. Treasure that person as gold, heck I call my girlfriend my goddess! Do not be torn apart by people who are simply jealous by your happiness, just keep fighting on. It is not worth losing a perhaps once in a lifetime opportunity because someone else, or "elses", might disapprove of your relationship, or want to tear it apart for some other nefarious reasons. Live life for you, that's it! If you are young, and have found someone who might be "the one", then dedicate yourself to that person and the building of your relationship, you will be happier for doing so. Do not let the nasty noisy negativist voices of your peers say things like that you need to enjoy your youth by drinking yourself drunk as a single person or that you are too young to settle down, they are just jealous of what you have found. If you are older, and have been through living hell with relationships in the past, then try to come with a fresh outlook on your significant other, because they might just be the person you have waited for your entire life for. The popular saying that there are other fish in the sea is only a HALF TRUTH! Surely, there are many fish in the seas, but no other fish is quite like the one you have, and if it is thrown in to the ocean of the world, then you will never get a fish like that one again. It will be gone forever. Bottom line, keep good people in your life and fight rabidly to keep them there.

When you meet someone and they shake you like thunder, light up the darkness of your soul like a bolt of lightning, and bring happiness to your life like the scene of a bright rainbow after a storm, that is the one, your soul mate. I have found mine. I pray to God you find yours and wish blessings and good fortune upon you.

-Kole Elyon

Friday, August 2, 2013

The Plutocracy Will Fight

"The Justice Department and attorneys general from 33 states submitted a remedy to a federal court in New York that would require Apple to terminate with the five book publishers it worked with to raise prices on e-books. The proposal would also require Apple to provide links to competitors Amazon and Barnes & Noble from their e-book apps for two years."

This is another indicator we live in nothing but a PHONY VERSION of capitalism where the owners of the society act like high priests and dictate the actions that occur, like price fixes. This is a good blow the to the Apple oligarchy, but this is only scratching the surface as this type of price fixing occurs with all types of products ranging from food to clothes. That type of corruption seeps to the highest levels of society,and the common person knows little about it. Apple is acting as a sarificial lamb to appease some while other oligarchs will still get away with murder. The government is only going after Apple to make an example, but they will allow others to continue with these evil types of actions. The truth is, the government is controlled and owned by the oligarchs, so the government will not only allow this type of action to go on, it will facilitate this type of thing. I repeat, this is only meant to preserve the illusion that the bad guys are being defeated, it is only an illusion, because the bad guys rule over us. Look at President Obama, who says he will lower corporate taxes and raise taxes on foreign production for an example. He is saying a good thing but he or the parties will never do it. Obama's biggest supporter, General Electric, makes billions of untaxed dollars in revenue overseas. I don't he will bite the hand that feeds him. In all, just take away that big government, big money, and big business are all one in the same.
-Kole Elyon

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Little Bible...

You shall utterly destroy from all the places where the nations, that you shall possess, worshipped their gods, upon the lofty mountains and upon the hills, and under every lush tree.
And you shall tear down their altars, smash their monuments, burn their asherim with fire, cut down the graven images of their gods, and destroy their name from that place.... Behold, I set before you today a blessing and a curse.
The blessing, that you will heed the commandments of the Lord your God, which I command you today;
 and the curse, if you will not heed the commandments of the Lord your God, but turn away from the way I command you this day, to follow other gods, which you did not know.
-Re'eh Torah

I, like the Hebrew prophet Elijah before me, goes and fulfills this mitzvot, this commandment everyday. I go out to destroy and smash the idols of our society that plague us. The idols of alcohol, drugs, politicians, celebrities, material possessions, money etc. These are things which cause rot to the human soul. I believe it is my mission, my vocation to tear down idols and to build up something far grander. We cannot continue to put our faith in these empty objects which preoccupy our minds and bodies. Let's put faith in God, the creator of the cosmos, or if that is too much to ask, let's faith in humanity. To paraphrase the Christian New Testament, "God is love..." Let's build love up in our souls and spread it to the rest of our families, work places, and communities. There is no love among men, so there is no God. If we turn away from love, God, then we shall be cursed, and that is evident every time a child is neglected or abused, they are not shown love, God.  When that child is shown love, and they are fed, clothed, shown affection, they are shown God through love, thus they are blessed. We need to show God/love to each other, because if we do that, we shall transform the world. Next time you see a homosexual, try to understand them not chastise them. Or next time you see someone who is deemed a freak, or abnormal, try to reach out to them, it may bring a blessing. As a species, let's reach into ourselves and spread God to each other, lest we become cursed and destroy each other.
-Kole Elyon

Bought and Paid For

I have been watching one of my favorite comedians, George Carlin, and he had a great deal many good points. He said that Americans are a bunch of fat stupid people bought off and paid for by gadgets and gizmos from a giant shopping mall. I have to agree with him 100%. First, we destroyed the enviroment by flattening it out and making way for giant metropolitan areas full of mega malls, mini malls, mini marts, and any other type of place to indulge in what ever a person would like. People then go into these shopping areas like zombies everyday, and then they go and get their fix, their fix of burgers, coffee, and every other type of cheap piece of garbage that is dabbled in front of them. It is simply amazing that these people act like this. It is amazing that people can go on living without even questioning the maddeness they consider a healthy existence, or it might not be so amazing. Throughout history, bread and circuses have been used to subdue the masses, and today is no different. Television, gadgets, fast food etc. are used to keep a fat and prosperous nation hooked like a meth addict, unable to break free from the matrix. It is true, we have been bought and sold very cheaply.
-Kole Elyon

Monday, July 29, 2013

Don't think big, think small...

My new slogan is not think big, but think small. Thinking big has gotten us in a lot trouble. For example, big business has shipped millions of American jobs overseas while creating plantation like atmospheres in the form of sweatshops where they create cheaply made products on the backs of people who make cents a day. Big government killed over 100 million people in the 20th century alone! Big cities constantly harbor more disease, mental disorders, and poverty than non urban areas. The bottom line is that bigger is not better, but the truth is much more the opposite. Our future lies in small business and small government. If we continue to expand and expand our endeavors, we will swallow ourselves whole. The enviroment cannot handle another industrial revolution and the ensuing urbanization which destroys the planet. We cannot afford to expand government at rate which will surely result in the destruction of the economy and human life. We need to just start to think smaller!
-Kole Elyon

Friday, July 26, 2013

Hypocrisy and Double Standards

Recently. a girl a little younger than my 23years, 19-20 years old, made a very snide remark about me dating a woman who is 10+ years older than me. She just rolled her eyes and said OOOMMMGGGG! I date an older women, period and I am very happy. It is this type of immaturity which turns me away from girls in this age range in the first place, so not like she would ever register on my radar were I single. In my experience,women in their twenties and I do not jive every well. I want to settle down in life, while most young girls just want to party, hence the types of incompatibilities which can arise. I also wonder why it is OK women her age to date a man 10+ years older than them, while sniveling at the idea a man their age would do the same with a woman. Is it insecurity, jealousy, or just ignorance? I do not understand why people feel there can be an issue with my relationship, but I do not understand most people in general. We do live in a sexist society which does allow men in their 40's-50's to date twenty something year old with an applause, however; older women are called cougars. This type of double standard thinking is just wrong, and is often done by so called "open minded liberal/tolerant" people. I just wish to be left alone and happy, I will do the same to you, but when you come biting, I will bite back twice as hard. Humanity needs a dose of enlightenment in the worst way. I believe we are no smarter than the average insect. May God deliver us from the stupidity, hypocrisy, and ignorance which defines the human race, amen.
-Kole Elyon

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Corporate Empires

The enemy of the people is big government and big business. The two go together like salt and pepper. The bogus free trade agreements which have been signed into law the past three decades have opened an avenue for transnational corporations to build an economic empire which has the backing of world government. These people are insidious individuals who only care about one thing, and that is their pockets. These people are the Illuminati which controls everything from behind the scenes and are the shakers and movers of society. These are the people who say they want border security but at the same time take advantage of immigrants' desperation for money by basically enslaving them in plantation like settings. People like George Soros who want to see the dissolution of international borders because it will lead to him having more money and power are the type of ilk I rave and rant about. The bottom line is that these people are part of a power elite which have passed their progeny through centuries. They have maintained power royally, and will use any means, usually law, to maintain power.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Garbage Food

We have health nuts going crazy in this country about the rising rate of heart disease and cancer, and they all seem to have a different answer as to why this is and how to get rid of it. Well, I think the answer is very simple. I recently have seen a video on Youtube where a guy holds a package of Tilapia fish up to the camera to show they put Carbon Monoxide in the fish to "preserve" it, CARBON MONOXIDE which is car exhaust! The usual suspects of cigarettes and alcohol can be blamed for a large number of cancer cases, however; there are a large number of them which can be attributed to the food we eat. I mean, we are putting CAR EXHAUST in our fish! There is also the link between red meat and cancer, but maybe the red meat itself is not to blame for the cancer, perhaps it is the hormones and other chemicals that are in the foods which are to be blamed. We do feed our cows ANIMAL BYPRODUCT feed which does cause the cows to get sick. Genetically engineered garbage is getting put onto grocery shelves everyday and people are largely unaware of it, so I have to berate the public and its power brokers like a prophet from the bible. I am just trying to put out information which can be of help in making healthier life descions. I for one am going to try and be more "Kosher" with the way I eat, or lest I end up with some type of twisted disease.
-Kole Elyon

Robin Hood Was An Anarchist

Now, we all have heard the saying,"Robin Hood took from the rich to give to the poor...", but this is a complete lie and fabrication.  He did not any sort of thing. He rather took from the government and gave back to the people, which makes him sound like Ronald Reagan more so than anyone else that people like to compare him too :). Look, I will quash this myth about the Robin Hood myth. Robin Hood lived in a time when England was ruled by a king who oppressed the common person, usually a tenant farmer, with crushing taxes. Robin Hood, being a commoner, did not like the way the government treated people, so he took to the forests to rob the "tax man" when he would come to collect, and this is seen by the constant conflicts he had with the Sheriff of Nottingham, hardly someone who could be said to cooperate with government authority. In all, Robin Hood was an outlaw who fought against the government and its oppression, not someone who aided it in the confiscation of peoples' hard earned sustenance.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Generic People

Why is it that people are so cut and dry these days? I mean, everyone wears the same clothes, talks the same, eats the same etc. People do not like like to think for themselves, and I see it everyday at work. If someone comes up to my line and orders a coffee they will often ask for sugar. I proceed to ask them how many sugars they want and they say," How many is normal?" I feel like shaking people and saying THERE IS NO NORMAL, IT IS UP TO YOU! These people just like to go with the the rest of the hive, and they have no mind for themselves! I don't understand how people can be like this, however; I am considered a "freak" by society due to the fact I hate groups and group think, so maybe that is somewhat of a contributor to it. I think that corporate control of America has something to do with it. When the Mom and Pop places disappeared, the notion of specialty and individuality went along with them since corporations love to keep everything cookie cut. I just have never felt at ease anywhere, perhaps it is because I refuse to just go along with the hive. I know this sounds like a rant of a murderous maniac, but I am only blowing off some steam. I am just tired of seeing people act like robots obeying the dictates of society's puppet masters without thinking. Humanity gives me little hope,very little. It is no wonder we do so much evil to each other.
-Kole Elyon

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Israeli Palestinian Relations
"...negotiations 'are bound to fail sooner than later' if there is no commitment to clear terms of reference and a freeze on Israeli settlements in occupied territory."

There, in the words of a Palestinian official, negotiations will fail if Israel does not cede claims to the West Bank. Therefore, negotiating with these guy is completely useless. They will not give up until they have everything. They will not allow Israel to even LIVE ALONGSIDE them. Now, I want Israel to have control of the West Bank, but I am not calling for the expulsion of Palestinians. I want Israel to come up with some type of "Dream Act" for Palestinians who are living in the West Bank. That is, some type of amnesty which allows for Arabs living in the Holy Land to become citizens  of Israel. Israel need not expell people living in the Holy Land, but it can and should allow them to become citizens of the Israeli state. To kick out the people who have been in the area for generations would be evil and totally a disregard for human life. In the Torah, there is provisions for allowing non Jews to live in Israel such as Leviticus 19:34, "The foreigner residing among you must be treated as your native-born. Love them as yourself, for you were foreigners in Egypt. I am the LORD your God." The Torah is explicitly clear as to how foreigners are to be treated, and that is with respect and dignity. I would even go further and say that the Israeli government needs to further its efforts to promote religious freedom in order to allow these Muslims to integrate into society. In all, I think Israel should have control of the West Bank but must find a way to integrate the Palestinians into Israel.
-Kole Elyon

Friday, July 19, 2013


The problem with our country, and world, is not political of nature, but it is a cultural and spiritual problem. In short, we as a species have become so absorbed into ourselves and have in effect become like microcosms of black holes where we just suck everything in and implode. We have no regard for the wellbeing of others. Our only impulse is to consume and consume until we are gluttonized with alcohol, drugs, sex, and any other object which can be taken into us, it is a sad day. I am not innocent in the inoculation in all of this, but I have been enlightened by the eternal one as to how I am, and He gives me the strength to move forward. Only when we as a species wakeup and achieve a higher level of awareness and enlightment will the problems of this earth be fixed save the coming of HaMasiach the descendant of King David who is said to free the earth from suffering. I pray today on this shabbos that humanity will be able to put away bitter strife to work toward peace and goodwill for all. I will start by being the difference I want to see in the world. As I light the candles tonight and say the Amidah, I will ponder on these things.
-Kole Elyon

Good Shabbos

I am going to take a break from politics in order to broaden my self and keep my sanity. I will comment from time to time on issues that are political in nature, but how much longer can a guy go on and on about the gang we have in the white house? I will go absolutely insane if I keep going constitution, low taxes, obama..... I need to talk about things like books, movies, food, and culture. I think it is dangerous to one's health to always be caught up in controversy, thus I am seeking to implement some harmony in my life. From now on, I will like to talk about virtually anything, politics when necessary, and offer commentary. God has given me a sharp mind and ability to use it in an efficient manner, so I will do so. Bless Hashem and Good Shabbos to all!
-Kole Elyon

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Now many people are asking me what my name Kole Elyon means, and why I have chosen it. Well, here are the secrets behind the name. First, it IS NOT my real name, but it is only a pen name. Many famous people have taken pen names like Mark Twain, who I admire a great deal, who's real name is Samuel Clemens. Itt,  is simply a unique name to catch attention. Now, the next question is what does it mean? To start, Kole is a word play on the Hebrew word Kol. Here, a bible lexicon gives some information about the word:

Hebrew words
kol "Crack of whip / And rattle of wheel, Galloping steed / And bounding chariot! " (Nahum 3:2) (The word kol in original Hebrew has been translated contextually as both "crack" and "rattle.") voice, sound 

In Hebrew, the word "kol" means voice. I added an "e" to make the word a name.

Next is the word Elyon, which means "God most High".

In a nutshell, I have designated myself as "Voice of God Most High" I know, that is an audacious claim, but I do not literally think myself a prophet like Daniel or Isaiah. I only think of myself as a man who speaks what is right, and therefore what God would want to be said. Like the prophets of old, I scream to the hills about what is going on in the world, and only hope to attract the ears of a remnant that has some sense. In attracting the attention of the remnant of people on this earth which has some sense, I hope to be able to make some small dent in the large scheme of things.
-Kole Elyon

Paranormal Fun
Next weekend, there will be the 2013 MUFON Symposium which is a big deal in the paranormal community. It is one of the largest events of the year where experts in the field of ufolology, the study of ufo's and extraterrestrials, gather to share information. Now, go ahead and say that I am wearing a tin foil hat, and I am nothing but a nut job, however; there is a great deal of evidence that backs many things that are related to paranormal phenomenon. In regard to ufo's and aliens, there is evidence for alien visitations to earth. Look up Stanton Friedman and his work on the crash at Corona, and that is the best documented ufo investigation that has ever been conducted, which will be the case the which could make you a "believer". Also, think for a second, and just contemplate the shear size of the universe. It would be arrogant to think we are the only intelligent beings that God has put in the universe with the billions of planets and stars that are out there. I will try to get to the symposium to check it out.
-Kole Elyon

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Zimmerman Riots

This whole trial has become a circus which needs to end soon, very soon. People are now rioting because a man who had committed manslaughter in my opinion has gotten away scott free. People have the freedom to protest guaranteed by God and the constitution, but I have the freedom to call people idiots for doing so. What makes matters worse, is that YOUR GOVERNMENT has spent TAX PAYER money on"rallies" for Trayvon, organized by the NEW BLACK PANTHERS on top of it. This whole ordeal has been political from the beginning when President Obama made the whole "if I had a son..." comment and then Al "the Instigator" Sharpton and Jesse "High" Jackson ran with this case to the end zone in order to keep their marginal relevance going. The media handling of the case has been outright disgusting with MSNBC editing 911 tapes to make Zimmerman look like some sort of racist bounty hunter, the use of older pics of Trayvon to make him look innocent, and the use of Zimmerman's mugshot expose the media and their loyalties. This episode has brought out the ugly of people and it shows we as a country are far from being"post racial". As far how Obama inserted himself into the situation, it exposed him for being the divisive and corrupt individual he is, far from being the great racial healer he portrayed himself to be.If their is anything to learn from this case it is this; there is not a lot of hope for humanity. I hope I am wrong, but I doubt it.
-Kole Elyon

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Zimmerman Trial

I have already posted my thoughts on this, and I would have shot Trayvon had he jumped me as well, but I WOULD NOT have followed the kid in hot pursuit. The actions Zimmerman took led to the confrontation between him and Trayvon, so he does bare some responsibility in the death of the the kid. I would have just let Trayvon go his own way if I saw him on the street and would have just let someone else deal with him, because it would be none of my business to follow this guy. Now, if Trayvon HAD BEEN breaking into a house or assaulting someone, THEN I would have intervened, but this was not the case here. I repeat, I think Mr.Zimmerman was acting in self defense, but he should have been found guilty of manslaughter. The bottom line is one guy is dead, and the other is alive, the one who followed the dead guy WITH A GUN. So, justice has not been carried out in perfection, but it would be a bigger travesty to convict this man of murder when he was acting in self defense. Zimmerman should be locked up for manslaughter, period.
-Kole Elyon

Friday, July 12, 2013

Life Is Great

It is another Shabbat, and I cannot be with my community at Temple Sinai, but I am thanking God nonetheless because of the many great things I have in life. I have a steady job, roof over my head, the greatest woman on earth, food in my stomach, clothes on my back, and a sense of a direction in life. It is great to know that things are going good for the first time in awhile. A year ago, I left Cleveland after a tough breakup with really no hope. I now am getting back on my feet, and I am dating the most amazing woman. I am working now on some big plans. Stay tuned and praise Hashem!
-Kole Elyon

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Am Yisrael Chai!

"“Our goal is to fulfill the commandment of ‘They shall make a Temple for me and I will dwell among them,’ ...

I am a Jewish Zionist, so there it is. I support the rebuilding of the Temple, and the annexation of the West Bank to Israel. If you know me, I am not the type to hold back on punches. I think that the Holy Land belongs to the Jews not only as a religious mandate, but as a matter of historical fact. The land belonged to the Jews thousands of years ago, and it was not only until the colonial era that "Palestinians" were pushed there. You see, the Jews are only reclaiming what it is our own, our homeland. I am not going to sit back and sit on my hands and play a tongue and cheek game, but I will just bare it all. I think it is good that this organization is making plans to build a new temple by training priests, and making artifacts. The time will come when Israel will reclaim what belongs to it, it is just a matter of time.It is time that more Jews raise their voices and fists to the air screaming AM YISRAEL CHAIM! LONG LIVE ISRAEL!
-Kole Elyon

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sinner's Sermon

I often get bible verse after bible verse thrown at me by Christians who wish to impart on me knowledge on how to live, and by extension their view on how life should be lived. Well, I think it is time a non-believer gave a sermon using the bible that many so called Christians and God fearing people use, that is, it is time to give them a taste of their medicine. For one, I read the bible and use it as a book of inspiration, drawing lessons from it, so I am not a desecrating heretic by the least notion. I am , however; a person drawn to the learning and spreading of wisdom to open eyes to the blind.


Jesus the Nazarene said, " will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."(John 8:32) The truth indeed shall set you free and I will lay it all to bare right now. There are ..."they(who) crush people with unbearable religious demands and never lift a finger to ease the burden.They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.(Matthew 7:15,Matthew 23:4) Indeed, these are people who preach pie in the sky until their faces are blue, but are the one's who do "everything that is hidden(that) will eventually be brought into the open..." (Mark 4:22) This is the pastor who preaches about chastity, yet sleeps around on his wife with a person in their congregation, or the church official who harps on about charity but yet siphons money from his church for an extravagant lifestyle. These are the people who are, " ....weeds (to be tied) in bundles to be burned...."(Matthew 3:12) This is a pot shot to all the sanctimonious individuals out there who like to use the bible as a guise for their own unethical ways of living, and a message to those disturbed by the behavior of individuals purporting to be God fearing people. Just know,"...your bodies are temples of the Holy Ghost..." (1 Corinthians 6:19-20) and that you are free to live your life, so "stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery." (Galatians 5:1) Enjoy your life, do good, and be free. Be free from drugs, alcohol, and every negative bond which tries to bring you down. Do not follow holy rollers who use religion as personal gain ,but have your own relationship with the Most High.  Find a positive community to worship God in the way you chose whether it be Jewish, Christian, Muslim, or anything else. For as Ghandi said, " God is Truth, above all." And if God is truth, the searching of that truth for every individual leads them down a unique path to search for thew truth, but yet each path leads to truth, to God. Amen.
- Kole Elyon

Self Righteousness

Why is it in human nature to be self righteous? I mean, the world is full of people who think they are so much better than everyone else, yet they are some of the most bitter and ugly people on this planet. It does not matter if you have a big house, expensive car, or are a holy roller, your character determines what type of person you are. I know a lot of people have a hard time seeing through fog of these things, but I can see right through the charade. I am calling these people for what they are, farce, fake, and phony. A prime example is the type of person who could be called a "people person" that calls people like me, an introvert, a freak or that we have a disorder, like schizoid personality "disorder". How or why does the desire to be left alone in quiet become a disorder? The hypocritical "beautiful people" bully people like me, and then they wonder why they snap. I just get tired of seeing these people who think they are better than everyone walk around like they are God, but they are not.
-Kole Elyon

Monday, July 8, 2013

Christianity Pt.2

Dave Armstrong followed up my question with an in depth look at biblical eschatology, end of days studies:

"The subject of eschatology plays a prominent part in New Testament teaching and religion. Christianity in its very origin bears an eschatological character. It means the appearance of the Messiah and the inauguration of His work; and from the Old Testament point of view these form part of eschatology. It is true in Jewish theology the days of the Messiah were not always included in the eschatological age proper, but often regarded as introductory to it (compare Weber, Judische Theol. 2:371). And in the New Testament also this point of view is to some extent represented, inasmuch as, owing to the appearance of the Messiah and the only partial fulfillment of the prophecies for the present, that which the Old Testament depicted as one synchronous movement is now seen to divide into two stages, namely, the present Messianic age and the consummate state of the future."

The paper by Mr.Armstrong goes into a very good and detailed analysis of why the New Testament depicts the end of days happening in the near future. This does not negate the problem for me though that Jesus predicted the end of days within the first century, and it did not occur. 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Christianity and Religion

I recently wrote a prominent Catholic apologist about a problem I see in the bible, and thus accepting the Christian faith. The dialogue was a simple question and answer:
  • I am an honest inquirer of religion and would like to have your esteemed opinion on a subject regarding the bible, I know that Christians use the rule of interpreting scirpture using scripture, and I have used that in my appraisal of the Christian religion and its basic doctrines. For example, in Jer.28:9 it states "...when the word of the prophet shall come to pass, [then] shall the prophet be known, that the LORD hath truly sent him." This is a clear reference to using a prophet's predictions to see if they are really a prophet. Now, if we apply that metric to Jesus of Nazareth where he states inMatthew 24:30-24, "Then will appear the sign of the Son of Man in heaven. And then all the peoples of the earth[c] will mourn when they see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven, with power and great glory.And he will send his angels with a loud trumpet call, and they will gather his elect from the four winds, from one end of the heavens to the other.Now learn this lesson from the fig tree: As soon as its twigs get tender and its leaves come out, you know that summer is near.Even so, when you see all these things, you know that it[e] is near, right at the door.Truly I tell you, this generation will certainly not pass away until all these things have happened", there is a problem. The problem being Jesus predicted the coming of the End of Days within his own generation, but the end did not come. tHis seemsd to imvalidate Jesus by using the bible metric. I do not know if I am simply misinterpreting this verse, but I figured I owuld ask a Christian who has an extensive history with this type of thing as to how a Christian deals with this. Thank You- Kole Elyon
  • Dave Armstrong

    Navarre Bible Commentary (one of the best) interprets it like this:
    “This generation”: this verse is a clear example of what we say in the note on Matthew 24:1 about the destruction of Jerusalem being itself a symbol. “This generation” refers firstly to the people alive at the time of the destruction of Jerusalem. But, since that event is symbolic of the end of the world, we can say with St. John Chrysostom that “the Lord was speaking not only of the generation then living, but also of the generation of the believers; for he knows that a generation is distinguished not only by time but also by its mode of religious worship and practice: this is what the Psalmist means when he says that ‘such is the generation of those who seek him’(Ps 24:6)” (Hom. on St. Matthew, 77).
    It's essentially a matter of one type of biblical idiom, and apocalyptic language. The problem comes in interpreting the Bible literally in a blanket fashion. It was not intended to be: not many parts of it which utilize non-literal idiom or hyperbole, etc.
  • Kole Elyon Nicholas Poirier

    Thank You, this explains a bit, but I'm not so sure if it fully convincing. I just appreciate for you to take the time to answer my question. God Bless.

    Mr. Armstrong was great and responded quickly. I may write him again in regards to religion and life's big questions. In regards to this specific issue, it seems that the Christians play rope a dope and dance around the problem of Jesus predicting the end of the world within his own generation, and thus invalidating his claim to messiah and prophet, by saying it is simply a metaphor not to be taken literally. I find it too much of a stretch to be able to accept all the claims that Christianity makes in regards to Jesus. I will continue to ponder issues such as these, but it will take a back seat to life's other adventures.
    -Kole Elyon