Thursday, March 17, 2016


Genetically modified animals that can be used to harvest organs for human use. It is something straight out of the X Files. It is also something that is completely true, lying within reality. Mad scientists have gone out and played God with the gene pool, and have conjured up 'Frankenanimals'. Above is a mouse with a human ear on it that can be surgically removed to attach to a person. They also do this with pigs to remove hearts that are genetically modified( Cows have been also created to make human milk instead of cow milk ( Now, you the reader maybe wondering why are things like this so bad. You might ponder and say, these things are all beneficial to people, so why are you making it an issue? Or it is just a matter of scientific progress, so why complain? Well, these freaks of nature do possess qualities that make them useful to humans as a species, but do you think that these are the only experiments of this nature underway? Trust me, there are much more secret and dark experiments going on which involve trying to turn homo sapiens into a new species altogether. This may sound like a conspiracy theory at its worst, but these people are out in the open about their agenda ( These people are called "transhumanists". and they want to "save us from the human condition" They want to be able to fuse humanity with different types of animals to create "superhumans" and to find ways to fuse ourselves with machines. All of this seems to be the makings of a bad sci fi movie, but this is real, and the sick perverted people behind this are real. With large amounts of money,power, and influence these individuals are pushing strongly for this agenda, breaking international law and ethics much of the time. The remnant of sane humanity left must ask itself whether we want to continue to allow these psychos to push us further into the matrix or will we take a stand against such acitivities?

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