Saturday, March 19, 2016


Up above is a video of a man who is eating a handful of glass. The shot above depicts his eyes. There is a quality to them that seems almost demonic. The pupils are narrow and slit like, reptilian in appearance. I have heard commentary about this video that stated that this man was really a reptoid in a human vessel or that he is possessed. It sounds far fetched, but perhaps there is something to this. If you go back thousands of years you would find stories of serpents and dragons who torment humanity. The most famous story lies in the bible where the serpent tempts Adam and Eve out of the garden. This is not also the only ancient serpent story where the bad guy has scaled skin. The Nordic mythology depicts a dragon who attacks a sacred tree, very similar to the bible story.

Also there is the story of quetzcoatl in Central American folklore. 
These are just three examples of literally dozens of reptilian/serpent myths that can be found. The bottom line is that throughout history there is a close link between serpents and humans. It seems that many people are born with an outright fear or at least a respect for snakes. ( Why are we so fascinated and fear these creatures that slither on the ground? Perhaps we have an evolutionary mechanism built into us from our days of being in caves. Perhaps there were "reptoids" who came from another planet. Maybe the dark and demonic have something to do with it? The truth is that no one really has an answer. Our team has delved into the issue and if you go to and listen to our two shows on reptoids done with an expert on the issue, Bill M. Tracer, you will get a good primer. The topic of reptoids is an interesting one that comes up from time to time that never seems to have an answer. Perhaps one day we will find out the almost synergistic link between humanity and reptiles. Now, as has been and will be, BFP will continue to search for the truth into this.

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