Saturday, March 26, 2016

Ely Trip In Review

My paranormal team just got back from Ely,NV. It was a fun and productive trip where we made a big crack in potentially the biggest UFO crash in American history. In short, there is good reason to believe that at least one UFO crashed in the small town located in White Pine county. We went out and talked to the local historian Sean Pitts, a local DJ Mustang Campbell who had us on his show, and really hit the field. We found various landmarks that go together with remarks made by witnesses that have been interviewed. Taking all this into account, we have found a good reason to believe that a good location for a crash has been found. There is a depression and irregularities such as variation in the soil that make it stand out. Next trip we will go out to the spot with tools such as Electromagnetic meters and geiger counters to do tests to see if there is anything that stands out such as a radiation field. Overall, the latest trip has yielded tremendous results. I can only look forward to the next trip when we will get one step closer to unlocking the mystery of the White Pine crash.

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